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A lioness photographed at the St. Louis zoo.


A creative approach to photographing a tiger at the Peoria Zoo. I love the colors of the tigers, but I wanted to show more than orange, white and black strips. I felt that showing the tigers face in black & white would allow the viewers to see the emotions of the tiger.

A lions view

A pair of lions at enjoying the warm early spring sun at the Peoria Zoo.

Elephant & Waterfall

This image was captured at the St. Louis zoo in St. Louis Missouri.

Tiger Bath

Tiger coming out of water after cooling off.

Primate Portrait


A zebra eating lunch at the St. Louis zoo

Wondering Stripes

This zebra was photographed at the St. Louis zoo.

Black Crowned Night Heron

This heron was hanging out with the penguins in the St. Louis zoo.

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